Contemporary art

Sometimes images bubble up from Iris’s subconscious. They are symbolic images that originate in impressions, theories or emotions. They can be disturbing or controversial images. In contrast to her applied murals, the oil paintings are completely free and associatively arising from an intrinsic need. Here’s a look at Iris’ consciousness made unconsciousness.

‘Natan’ portrait in oil, 2022


‘Knitting the universe’ 200 x 140 cm, oil and goldpowder on canvas


‘I’m not my mother’ 200 x 130 cm, oil on canvas


‘Breaking the waves’ 200 x 140 cm gold leaf and pigments and oil on canvas


‘Birth of the sky wolf’ oil on canvas


‘The wedding’ 200 x 140 cm, oil and gold leaf on canvas


‘Hadassah’ oil and gold leaf on canvas


‘A heart of gold’ oil and gold leaf on canvas


Oil on wood


‘Paranoïd’ oil on canvas


‘Drip full of love’ oil and other liquids on canvas


Ex humo, oil on canvas