Thinking of a mural?

Murals by Iris are unique. She makes them specially for you! She listens, asks, interprets, designs, sees details and senses needs. She has many technical possibilities at her fingertips, so that there’s a solution for every wall.

Why a mural?

Een A mural ensures that you experience the space differently. The blind spot suddenly takes on a surprisingly cheerful appearance. A bathroom without a window gets a view. The facade of a company now stands out in the street.

A mural is a statement.

You can’t ignore it. You need guts for a mural. A mural elevates the space to a work of art. In fact, a mural is an extension of your identity. ‘I want my house to fit me like a coat.’ Said one customer. ‘It is a jewel for space!’ ‘This is the first house where I really feel at home!’ ‘Now I always get happy when I look outside!’

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